About Us

 Hi! I'm Hollie & I am the founder of Peeper Protectors™ 

Technology is becoming an increasing part of our lives. And importantly, our child's lives. TVs. Tablets at home. Tablets in the classroom. Chromebooks, Laptops, Smartphones. The list goes on. 

I saw a problem that needed to be fixed. In this ever developing technological, digital age we're living in, digital devices are a must and the starting age using these devices is getting younger. 

Screen time doesn't have to be bad, when done the right way. There are indeed inherit benefits from advanced technology in our child's lives, but too much screen time on little unprotected eyes is harmful to health, sleep and development.

We, as adults felt the benefit from wearing blue light glasses while doing "normal" things like watching TV, working and communicating with our friends and family, so why not protect our kiddies eyes too?  

I want our children to live their best lives possible in this "new" digital world. And Peeper Protectors is on a mission to make that happen.